About Biorok

Our passion is concrete, not only developing it to improve its various installation challenges, but specifically creating concrete that addresses longevity of superstructures and infrastructure, as well as the ever pressing demand for sustainable alternatives.


Our rapidly changing world always brings new challenges for the construction and building materials industries.

We are facing the ever-changing demographic growth patterns forming globally, the increasing urban sprawl and new development growth sectors, the ever imminent forces of climate change, and together, staring us in the face is environmental preservation.


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As an established global leader in this new technological age, Biorok Construct addresses these major trends head-on, by providing solutions that really work.

Biorok sees itself as the new leader in the supply of sustainable building material technologies.

It has brought together an experienced, diverse and dedicated team to provide unique biomimicry and sustainable products for the Asia Pacific region, Europe and the Middle East. Biorok prides itself on bringing to the table the most respected industry experts of both timeless and innovative solutions for a multitude of serious construction issues.

Biorok has leveraged its research and experienced industrial ‘know how’ to select the very best range of multi-purpose concrete products and solutions in the current market place. Our choices on product quality, consistency and reliability offer superior performance for our customers most stringent demands, whatever the application in general building, industrial structures or infrastructure projects.

It is an absolute priority and core focus at Biorok, to provide innovative solutions for the customer. Meeting and anticipating the many evolving needs with solutions driven by efficiency, reliability, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Biorok has its suite of products readily available for any sized project. These are currently warehoused around Australia for quick dispatch to to any new or existing project.